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Journal articles

2022. Niklasson, Birgitta and Ann E. Towns. Introduction: Approaching Gender and Ministries of Foreign Affairs. The Hague Journal of Diplomacy 1(aop): 1-31.

2022. Towns, Ann E. “WAW, No Women? Foucault’s Reverse Discourse and Gendered Subjects in Diplomatic Networks” Global Society.

2022. Kreft, Anne-Kathrin, Birgitta Niklasson, and Ann E. Towns. "Do gender patterns in diplomacy disappear over time?" European Journal of Politics and Gender (online first).

2021. Jezierska, Katarzyna (2021) "Incredibly Loud and Extremely Silent: Feminist Foreign Policy on Twitter"Cooperation and Conflict.

2020. Towns, Ann, Katarzyna Jezierska, Anne-Kathrin Kreft and Birgitta Niklasson. “Covid-19 and Gender: A Necessary Connection in Diplomatic Studies.” Hague Journal of Diplomacy.

2020. Towns, Ann (2020). “’Diplomacy is a Feminine Art’: Feminised Figurations of the Diplomat.” Review of International Studies.

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2018. Jezierska, Katarzyna and Ann Towns. "Taming Feminism? The Place of Gender Equality in the ‘Progressive Sweden’ Brand". Place Branding & Public Diplomacy 14(1):55-63. 

2017. Towns, Ann and Birgitta Niklasson. "Gender, International Status, and Ambassador Appointments". Foreign Policy Analysis 13, 521-540.