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Research seminars at FLoV –previous semesters

Research seminars held during 2021 and spring of 2022 at the Department of Philosophy, Linguistics and Theory of Science, FLoV, are listed below.

Citizen Science


5 February  Marisa Ponti and Anna Jia Gander: Heteromation in Citizen Science: The Division of Labor Between Citizens, Experts, and Machines
12 March 10:00-12:00 Elin Lundquist,Stockholm University: Reports for an epistemic community:Birdwatchers' use of digital platforms for reporting observations of birds
30 April: 10:00-12:00 Professor Carsten Østerlund, Syracuse University: AI in Citizen Science: Navigating Large information Spaces in Gravity Spy
8 Oct: Archivist Karl-Magnus Johansson, The Swedish National Archives, Machine Learning and Local Knowledge – A Webinar about an Ongoing Handwritten Text Recognition and Citizen Science Project at the Swedish National Archives
26 Nov: Claudia Göbel – Institutionalisation of Citizen Science
10 Dec: Jesse D. Peterson – Inter/National Connections: Linking Nordic Animals to Biodiversity Observation Networks

History of Philosophy and Classical Philology

  • History of Philosophy and Classical Philology Research Seminar
    24 Feb: Monika Michałowska, Medical University of Łódź: Have you ever willed not to will what you willed? Medieval masters on second-order volitions
    28 Apr: Gustavo Fernandez Walker: De sufficientia figurarum. An anonymous 13th discussion on the number of syllogistic figures
    18 May: Zita Toth, University of Leuven: Matter-less Heavens: Durand of St.-Pourcain, John of Jandun, and Peter Auriol on the Question of Celestial Matter
    7 April 15:15 Jenny Pelletier (KU Leuven/GU): 
    The Metaphysical Foundations of Social Groups in Late Medieval Philosophy
    23–24 June Workshop: Irrationality and madness
    25 Nov Nicola Polloni, KU Leuven – Suárez on the Epistemic Challenge of Conceiving Prime Matter
    2 Dec: POSTPONED Martin Svensson Ekström, SPL, GU – Metaphor, comparatively speaking
    15 Dec: Juhana Toivanen, University of Jyväskylä – The Political Animal and the Political Community: An Exercise in Medieval Mereology

Language Technology

  • CLASP seminar
    26 Jan: Jean-Philippe Bernardy: Unitary Matrices are Composable and Learnable Word Embeddings
    2 Feb: Nikolai Ilinykh: On the Interplay between Language and Vision in Transformers: How Much of a “Multi-Modal Learning" Do We Observe?
    9 Feb: Afra Alishahi, Tilburg University: Grounded language learning, from sounds and images to meaning
    16 Feb: Tal Linzen, New York University: Causal analysis of the syntactic representations of Transformers
    2 Mar: Yuri Bizzoni: The happiness of readers: Fractal scaling of sentiment dynamics and the assessment of literary quality
    9 Mar: Gregor Rettenegge: Reinforcing Spirals and Online Conflict
    16 March: Maria Boritchev: Modeling Dialogue through the Question-Answer relationship
    23 Mar: (with Linguistics): Eva-Marie Bloom Ström: How do words get in order? The role of speaker-hearer interaction in languages of South Africa
    30 Mar: Shane Steinert-Threlkeld, University of Washington: Unnatural Language Semantics
    6 Apr: Aida Nematzadeh, Deep Mind: On Evaluating Neural Representations
    20 Apr: Barbara Plank, IT University of Copenhagen: Dependency Parsing and Information Extraction in Low-Resource Scenarios
    4 May: Bill Noble and Nikolai Ilinykh: Grounded Language Learning through Interaction
    11 May: Yuval Marton, University of Washington: Is more better? Is better always better? Where’s the learning? The baffling case of computational thematic fit
    18 May: (seminar with Språkbanken) Athanasios Tsanas, University of Edinburgh: Biomedical speech signal processing: concepts, algorithms, and contemporary challenges
    31 May: Vladislav Maraev: Final seminar  Opponent will be Arash Eshghi from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
    I June: Elin McCready, Aoyama Gakuin University: Dogwhistles: Masking, Vigilance, and Unmasking
    8 June: Emil Carlsson and Devdatt Dubhashi: Pragmatic Reasoning in Structured Signaling Games
    15 June: Alessandra Zarcone, University of Augsburg: Conversational AI between hype and hope – A case for data- and human-centric approaches


  • 10 March: Nikolai Ilinykh: When an Image Tells a Story: The Role of Visual and Semantic Information for Generating Paragraph Descriptions
    24 March: N.B. 15:00–16:45 Julia Hockenmaier, University of Illinois: Collaborative Construction and Communication with Minecraft
    31 March: Giulia Perugia, Uppsala University: Gaze, Personality, and the Uncanny Valley: Implicit Cues of Uncanny feelings and Interaction Strategies to Overcome them
    7 April: Nick Chater from Warwick Business School: Virtual bargaining: The hidden logic of joint action and communication
    14 April: Robin Cooper, GU: Types and probability: Implementing probabilistic TTR
    28 April: Mark Steedman, University of Edinburgh: Why we still need Grammars for NLP
    12 May: Staffan Larsson
    19 May: 
    Jörg Tiedemann, University of Helsinki: What's in a translation model? Analyzing neural seq2seq models and the representations they learn
    26 May: Moa Johansson, Chalmers: Bias and Methods of AI technology studying Political Science
    2 June: Richard Johansson and Lovisa Hagström, Chalmers University of Technology: Interpreting and Grounding Pre-trained Representations for Natural Language Processing
    9 June: Adam Poliak, Barnard College
    16 June: Ellen Breitholtz

    25 August: Sharid Loáiciga 
    Annotating Anaphoric Phenomena in Situated Dialog
    4–6 October: Reasoning and Interaction (ReInAct), conference organized by CLASP.
    20 Oct: Haim Dubossarsky, University of Cambridge – A space is worth a thousand words: A new spectral analysis method to evaluate vector space similarity
    27 Oct: Katrin Erk  – Contextualized embeddings for semantics: some steps along the way
    10 Nov: Julian Grove – Probabilistic compositional semantics, purely
    15 Nov: Roger Levy, MIT
    24 Nov: Ryan Cotterell, University of Zürich – Two New Insights into Beam Search
    8 Dec: Aarne Ranta – Abstract Wikipedia and Vastly Multilingual Natural Language Generation
    15 Dec: Mattias Appelgren, University of Edinburgh – Interactive Task Learning From Corrective Feedback


  • Linguistics Seminar

    23 Mar: (with CLASP): Eva-Marie Bloom Ström: How do words get in order? The role of speaker-hearer interaction in languages of South Africa
    26 Apr: John Currie, Department of Applied IT, GU: Conceptualising Climate Change 
    10 May: Cancelled

    24 May: Henrik Bergqvist: The dialogic and egophoric basis of epistemicity
    31 May: Márton András Tóth: The present perfect cross-linguistically – with special attention to Swedish, Japanese and Hungarian

    9 March: Torbjörn Lager 1. 
    Webizing Prolog - and Prologizing the Web
    16 March: 
    Torbjörn Lager 2. Agents on the Prolog Web
    23 March: Julian Grove: Presupposition projection as a scope phenomenon
    20 April: Filippa Lindahl and Elisabet Engdahl: The pragmatic function of object pronouns in spoken Swedish
    4 May: Joanna Rączaszek-Leonardi, University of Warsaw:  Language in coaction: developmental continuity
    11 May: Kerstin Fischer, University of Southern Denmark: Doing Linguistics Using Robots
    18 May: Sean Roberts, Cardiff University: Interaction and Language Evolution
    25 May: Stina Ericsson, GU, and Per-Olof Hedvall, Lund University: Categorising people through language and the designed environment
    8 June: Prerna Nadathur, Language, Logic, and Cognition Center, Hebrew University of Jerusalem: Making progress: causal models and the imperfective paradox
    16 Nov:  Sune Vork Steffensen, University of Southern Denmark – Language and cognition between radical embodiment and population-level perception


  • Logic Seminar

    11 Feb: Sebastian Enqvist, Stockholm University: Cyclic proofs for the first-order μ-calculus
    11 Mar: Marianna Girlando, University of Birmingham: Cyclic hypersequents for Transitive Closure Logic
    25 Mar: Abhishek De (IRIF): The proof theory of substructural logics with fixed points
    8 Apr: Paul Gorbow, Stockholm University and University of Oslo: A solution to the knower paradoxes with applications to common knowledge and iterated knowledge
    6 May: Rasmus Blanck: Never trust an unsound theory
    20 May: Daichi Hayashi, Hokkaido University: Universes for the supervaluational theory of Frege structure
    3 June: Mauricio Martel: On the Complexity of Conservative Extensions in the Two-Variable Guarded Fragment

    2 February:  Bahareh Afshari: Cyclic Proof Systems for Modal Logics
    12 March: Lance Rips, Northwestern University: Experimenting with (Conditional) Perfection 
    26 March: Carlo Nicolai, King's College: A New Look at Cut Elimination for Compositional Truth
    7 May: Sonia Marin, University College London: Focused nested calculi for modal and substructural logics
    21 May: Mattias Granberg Olsson: A proof of conservativity of fixed points over Heyting arithmetic via truth
    4 June: Juliette Kennedy, Helsinki: Logicality and Model Classes
    18 June: Victor Lisinki, Corpus Christi, Oxford: Decidability problems in number theory
    15 Oct: João Pedro Paulos, Chalmers – A collection of small closed sets: sets of uniqueness
    29 Oct: Fredrik Engström – Foundational principles of team semantics
    12 Nov: Graham E. Leigh – From interpolation to completeness
    26 Nov: Paula Quinon, Warsaw University of Technology
    10 Dec: Dominik Wehr, FLoV

  • Nordic Online Logic Seminar
    28 Feb: Thierry Coquand: Formalization of Mathematics and Dependent Type Theory
    28 Mar: Juliette Kennedy, University of Helsinki: Reading syntax off semantics
    25 Apr: Michael Rathjen, University of Leeds: Completeness: Turing, Schütte, Feferman (and Löb)
    30 May: Øystein Linnebo, University of Oslo: Potentialism in the philosophy and foundations of mathematics
    22 March: Dag Prawitz, Stockholm University: Validity of inference and argument
    26 April: Jouko Väänänen, University of Helsinki: Dependence logic: Some recent developments
    21 June: Dag Normann, Oslo: An alternative perspective on Reverse Mathematics
    27 Sept: Anupam Das, University of Birmingham – On the proof theoretic strength of cyclic reasoning
    1 Oct: Mateusz Łełyk, University of Warsaw  Axiomatizations of Peano Arithmetic: a truth-theoretic view
    15 Oct: 
    João Pedro Paulos, Chalmers  A collection of small closed sets: sets of uniqueness
    25 Oct: Erich Grädel, RWTH Aachen University – Semiring semantics for logical statements with applications to the strategy analysis of games
    1 Nov:  About John Eliot and the linguistic context he was working in

Practical Philosophy

  • Practical Philosophy and Political Theory Research Zoominar
    9 Feb: Gunnar Björnsson: Abilities for group obligations
    16 Feb: Georg Schmerzeck: Evaluating sovereign money in justice as fairness
    23 Feb: Hadi Fazeli: Personal Identity, Unity of the Self, and Diachronic Blameworthiness
    2 Mar: Richard Endörfer: Can there be a human right against climate-related risks?
    9 Mar: Benjamin Gregg (Austin): Genetic Engineering Where Severe Cognitive Disability is Indicated: Toward Enabling the Future Person’s Capacity for Participation in Political Community
    16 Mar: Teemu Toppinen, Tampere University: An Expressivist Explanation for Our Knowledge of Normative Supervenience

    23 Mar: Chris Woodard, University of Nottingham: Pattern-Based Reasons and Moral Constraints
    30 Mar: Olof Leffler, University of Vienna: Deference Incorporated
    6 Apr: Julius Schönherr, Peking: Forgiveness: overcoming vs. forswearing blame
    13 Apr: Stellan Welin: Rejecting the myth of individual origin. Some consequences
    20 Apr: Per-Erik Milam: Should we be pluralists about forgiveness?
    27 Apr: Christian Munthe: The Role of Pragmatics in Practical Ethics
    4 May: Daniel Story, California Polytechnic State University: Shared responsibility for individual actions that are jointly produced
    11 May: (Cancelled) Kritika Maheshwari, University of Groningen: Extinction Risks, Possible People, and Scanlonian Contractualism
    18 May: Romy Eskens, Stockholm University: Demanding and Enforcing Attitudinal Duties
    25 May: Antti Kauppinen, Helsinki: Welfare Without Pro-Attitudes
    1 Jun: Robin Zheng, Glasgow: Solidarity and Social Change
    16 June: Practical Philosophy: Final Seminar for Richard Endörfe

    20/1  – Yuliya Kanygina: Self-Other Asymmetry and the Presumption of Duties to Oneself
    27/1 – Pascale Willemsen: Direct and derivative moral responsibility: An overlooked distinction in experimental philosophy
    3/2 – Tadhg Ó Laoghaire: Trade Justice and the Least-Developed Countries
    10/2 – Haixin Dang: Epistemic Responsibility and Scientific Authorship
    17/2 – Bengt Brulde: How much inequality should we accept?
    24/2 – Christian Munthe: Work in progress where applied ethics in the work on antibiotic resistance (ABR) meets applied philosophy of economics and political philosophy
    3/3 – Olle Blomberg: Responsibility for another’s action
    10/3 – Adrian Walsh: A Somewhat Moderate Defence of Moral Critiques of Self-interested Commercial Motives
    17/3 – Jasmine Elliott: The Role of the Corporate Lawyer, Advising, and Indirect Responsibility
    24/3 – Paiman Karimi: Relaxed realism: what distinguishes it from robust realism?
    31/3 – Davide Fumagalli: Antibiotic Resistance, Meat Consumption and the Harm Principle
    14/4 – Gunnar Björnsson: From non-retributive to retributive desert
    21/4 – Ragnar Francén: Finding Wrong
    28/4 – no seminar
    5/5 – Robert Pál-Wallin, PhD student and LGRP member at Lund: Against Alethic Views of Moral Responsibility
    12/5 N.B unusual time 16:15-18:00 – Per-Erik Milam: Letting Go of Blame
    19/5 – Joakim Sandberg: The modern business corporation and moral responsibility
    26/5 Daphne Brandenburg, University of Groningen, and Herman Veluwenkamp, Delft University of Technology: On Reproaching Robots: A Normative Proposal for Robot Uptake without Deception
    2/6 Dorna Behdadi: Strawson’s two stances as distinct normative perspectives
    1 Sept:  Louis Larue – Marx, Cohen, Fraternity and Self-interest
    8 Sept:  Huub Brouwer (Tilburg) – Intuition about Justice: Desertist or Luck Egalitarian?
    15 Sept:  Kaisa Kärki (Helsinki) – Autonomy of attention
    22 Sept:  Olof Leffler – Contingency, Sociality, and Moral Progress
    29 Sept:  Ragnar Francén and Gunnar Björnsson – Socialized reasoning and a priori norms of rationality
    6 Oct: Anca Gheaus (CEU) – State Neutrality and the Gendered Division of Labor
    13 Oct: Jonas Olson (Stockholm)
    20 Oct: Andras Szigeti (Linköping) – The Limits of Goodwill
    27 Oct: Jasmine Elliott – The Corporate Legal Profession’s Role in Global Corruption: Obligations and Opportunities for Collective Action
    3 Nov: Tadhg Ó Laoghaire  Openness and ‘The Open Society’
    10 Nov: Olle Blomberg – Communal normativity
    17 Nov: Johan Brännmark (Malmö) – Structural Injustice for Ontological Individualists
    24 Nov: Gunnar Björnsson – Instrumental reasons without difference-making
    1 Dec: Joakim Sandberg – a draft on Sustainable Finance policy for Klimatpolitiska Rådet. Two external colleagues, Boudewijn de Bruin from the University of Groningen and Clément Fontan from UC Louvain, who will join the seminar via Zoom.
    8 Dec: Simon-Pierre Chevarie-Cossette (Neuchâtel)
    15 Dec: Yuliya Kanygina
    17 Dec: Final seminar of Leila El-Alti – The Philosophy and Ethics of Person Centred Psychiatric Care. External examiner: Mats Johansson
    22 Dec: Marco Tozzio and Torbjörn Ott
  • Näckrosen Seminar – Research Seminar in Practical Philosophy
    26 February – Louis Larue: On Searle's ontology of money and its critics
    12 March – Tadhg Ó Laoghaire
    26 March – Richard Endörfer
    9 April – Alexander Andersson
    23 April – Davide Fumagalli
    7 May – Jasmine C. Elliott
    21 May – Josep Ferret Mas
  • Lund Gothenburg Responsibility Project – Workshop
    11 – 12 March: 17:00 –21:15 Workshop on Moral Responsibility Over Time and Between Persons

Theoretical Philosophy

  • Theoretical Philosophy Research Seminar
    9 Feb: Claude Panaccio: Ockham's Theory of Substance
    16 Feb: Maximilian Zachrau: The Having-Grown-Block Theory of Time
    16 Mar: Anna-Sofia Maurin: Regress, Relation, Explanation
    23 Mar: Gustavo Fernandez Walker: Parmenidean Ascent and (Medieval) Negative Theology
    6 Apr: Ylwa Sjölin Wirling will present a summary of a book she is working on
    13 Apr: Anders Tolland: Relativism, Metaepistemology and Adam Carter
    20 Apr: Simon Allzén, Stockholm: Scientific Realism and Empirical Confirmation: a Puzzle
    27 Apr: Susan Brower-Toland, Saint Louis University: Ockham’s Metaphysical Commitments
    11 May: Jeroen Smid: Tib & Tail, {Tib, Tail}, and Tib + Tail
    8 June: Jenny Pelletier: Getting real: Ockham on the human contribution to the nature and production of artefacts

    /1 – Ylwa Sjölin Wirling (GU and Manchester University) Neutrality and Force in Field’s epistemological objection to platonism
    3/3 – Paul Gorbow (GU) A first-order theory of belief ascriptions - with puzzles
    10/3 – Giacomo Giannini (LSE): Why Think That Powers Yield Genuine Activity?
    17/3 – Anders Tolland (GU): Ashton's Foundationalist Relativism
    7/4 – Maximilian Zachrau (GU): Bridging the gap: meta-metaphysical disagreement in process philosophy
    14/4 – Alva Stråge (GU): Causation as Difference-Making: A Dead End for Responsibility Compatibilists
    21/4 – Staffan Larsson (GU): Extensions are Indeterminate if Intensions are Classifiers
    28/4 – Ana Maria Mora Marquez (GU): The Metaphysics of Argumentation: Parisian Masters of Arts 1270-1330
    5/5 – Louis Larue (GU): Searle’s ontology of money and its critics
    12/5 – Henrik Rydéhn, Tübingen: Presentism and Metaphysical Privilege
    19/5 – Filip Radovic (GU): The Ghost of Aristotle in Medieval, Modern, and Contemporary Accounts of Delusional Dreaming
    26/5 – Anna-Sofia Maurin  and Johan Brännmark: Explanatory Individualism Revisited
    1 Sept  Andrew Brenner – Personal Identity, Fission and Arbitrariness
    15 Sept  Ylwa Sjölin Wirling – Understanding with Epistemic Possibilities: The Epistemic Aim and Value of Metaphysics
    6 Oct  N.B: 15:00 – 17:00 Jennny Pelletier – Ockham on Group Agency
    20 Oct:  Filip Radovic – Aristotle on the dream argument in Metaphysics
    10 Nov: Catarina Dutihl Novaes – Attention and Trust in Argumentation
    17 Nov: Anna-Sofia Maurin – a draft for a mini-book on properties, Elements in metaphysics 
    24 Nov:  Hamid Taieb, Humboldt University – Early Phenomenologists on the Non-Subjectivity of Colours
    8 Dec:  Maximilian Zachrau
    15 Dec:
    Dec 22:  Martin Kaså

Theory of Science

  • GU Chalmers STS Seminar
    / HumSam Science and Technology Studies Seminar (STS)

    28 Jan: Florian Jaton, University of Lausanne: The constitution of algorithms: What can 'lab studies' say about algorithmic life?
    25 Feb: Jens Millkrantz and Anna Åberg, Chalmers: Petrokultur och energihistoria
    11 Mar: Helena Cleeve, GU: Drawing as a Practice for Learning Other Ways of Seeing and Knowing in Dementia Care Units
    13 May: Steven Shapin, Harvard University: Moderation and Modernity: A Dietary History
    9 June: Noortje Marres, University of Warwick: Test Society/Covid-19: Interpreting Testing Situations Across Scales?

    29 Jan – Lisa Lindén, GU & Vicky Singleton, Lancaster University: Unsettling Descriptions: Attending to the Potential of Things that Threaten to Undermine Care
    26 Feb – Shai Mulinari, Lund University: Race and Ethnicity in Drug Regulation: EU and USA Compared
    19 March – Harry Collins, Cardiff University: The Form of Life as Sociology’s ’Basic Unit of Analysis: What Sociology is for!
    23 April – Book release seminar with Steve Woolgar and Dave Moats, Linköping University: The Imposter as Social Theory: Thinking with Gatecrashers, Cheats and Charlatans
    14 May – Venla Oikkonen, Tampere University: Tracing Affect in Three Vaccination Debates

    28 May – Venla Oikkonen, Tampere University: Novel Vaccines and the Affective Dynamics of Routinization  10 Sept: Michael Lynch, Cornell University – Self-evidence versus professional vision: The contingent credibility of video evidence and expert testimony in trials of police
    15 Oct: Göran Sundqvist, GU – När kunskapen blir relevant: om klimatforskningens samhällsförankring
    19 Nov: Alison Gerber, Lund University – Drawing the line: comparison and evaluation in new disciplines
    17 Dec: Michela Cozza, Mälardalen University – Materialities of caring for older people

  • Theory of Science Seminar
    21 March: Helena Lagerlöf: Implementation as integration or  intrusion of orders: Public health priorities in primary care
    25 Apr: Jakob Lundgren: Decision-making without consensus (diskussion om kappa)

    1 Feb – Dick Kasperowski/Morten Sager: Patients falling through the cracks: how particulars travel – and not – in today’s standardized health care
    8 March  Helena Lagerlöf: Ett praktiknära perspektiv på beställarens styrning av primärvårdens utförare

    12 April –  Jakob Lundgren om hans pågående artikel: Transdisciplinär peer review i forskningsfinansiering
    Margareta Hallbergs seminarium är inställt.
    10 May – Jörgen Vikström: Oikologi - Ett hermeneutiskt perspektiv på Bruno Latours variabla ontologi
    14 June – (n.b. 13:15–15:00) Massimiliano Simons: The Janus head of Bachelard’s phenomenotechnique: from purification to proliferation and back
    13 sept: Allan Lidström om sitt doktrandprojekt
    4 okt: Samtal om STS historia och framtid i Göteborg med Göran Sundquist, Per Lundin och Ingemar Bohlin.
    22 nov: Amelie Bohlins mittseminarium.
    6 dec: Lena Eriksson om att göra vetenskapsteori av sin empiri.

  • Political-Theoretical Seminar
    22 Mar: Steve Fuller, University of Warwick: Post-truth and University Politics
    4 May: Dick Howard, Stony Brook University
    14 June: Tomas Wedin, EHESS/Halmstad Högskola

    5/2 – Reading Samuel Moyn: Not Enough: Human Rights in an Unequal World (2018);
    5/3 – Reading Hans Joas, The Sacredness of the Person: A New Genealogy of Human Rights (2012); preparation for the seminar in May.
    23/4 – Reading John Milbank, Against Human Rights (2012); Urval ur Pierre Manent, La loi naturelle et les droits de l'homme
    14/5 – Reading Elena Namli, Human Rights as Ethics, Politics and Law, and a text by Lena Halldenius
    25–26 May: Symposium: Historical and Political perspectives on Human Rights