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Photo: Johan Wingborg

Working in Sweden

Society and economy

A virtual lunch lecture for all international researchers, PhD students, postdocs, professors, and international staff, spouses and accompanying partners.

25 Feb 2021
12:00 - 13:15
Zoom webinar

Friedrich Heger
Good to know
NB: Please note that the information provided during the seminar is not applicable to scholarship holders.
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The program will focus on:

Working rights:

- What happens if I am ill or on parental leave?
- What are my working hours and how many vacation days am I entitled to?
- Are there different types of employment at university?
- What happens if I am being made redundant?

Social benefits

- What happens if I get ill or pregnant?
- Is the state health insurance cover enough or do I need more?
- How does the pensions system work?

Unemployment insurance

- Do I really need an unemployment insurance?
- What is the difference between an unemployment insurance and an income insurance?
- What to do when I get unemployed?

Trade unions in Sweden

- What is so special about trade unions in Sweden?
- Do I need to join trade union in order to get more benefits?

About the lecturer, Friedrich Heger

Friedrich Heger works since 2012 as a national officer for trade unions, currently for the Swedish Association of Graduate Engineers (Sveriges Ingenjörer). His work involves negotiations with employers, members coaching and training of local union boards. Areas of expertise include pensions and higher education. Friedrich is based in Gothenburg