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Affischbild från utställningen

Window Exhibition for Craft and Fine Art

Culture and languages

Artworks by the graduates of 2020, HDK-Valand bachelor's and master's programmes in Craft and Fine Art

28 Nov 2020 - 2 Jan 2021
Olof Palmes plats, Järntorget

The pandemic in spring 2020 caused an interruption of working processes. The examination exhibitions have been postponed twice. We do not give up. The exhibition divided into three periods show the recent works of some alumni from 2020.

28 nov - 8 dec
MFA Craft: Emmeli Rolleberg, Frida Åström, Julia Kylén Collins
BFA Craft: Antonia Haglund

10 - 20 dec
MFA Fine Art: Beate Persdotter Løken, Johanna Oskarsson
BFA Craft: Naemi Gustavsson, Jo Öqvist

22 dec - 02 jan
MFA Fine Art: Camilla Johansson Bäcklund
BFA Fine Art: Inez Edström Thoresson, Erik Funck