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Portait, Niklas Harring

Why concern for environmental deterioration do not lead to (sufficient) action

Sustainability and environment
Society and economy

In this Sea and Society Talk Niklas Harring present data from the national SOM survey on attitudes towards the marine environment, the climate and other environmental issues, and data on what people state that they do on a private level to protect the environment and to reduce the climate gas emissions from their lifestyles.

8 Oct 2020
12:05 - 13:00
Number of seats
Registration deadline
8 October 2020

Niklas Harring, Researcher, Department of Political Science, University of Gothenburg
Centre for Sea and Society
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Niklas Herring will then contrast this with data on real consumption patterns leading to a discussion on how we can understand why individuals, who are concerned with environmental deterioration, do not change their unsustainable consumption patterns and lifestyles. Based on this he will present a framework to understand the conditions for large-scale cooperation and collective action, and discuss why government intervention and policies are necessary.

About Sea and Society talks

Sea and Society talks is a lunch seminar series focusing on the UN sustainable development goals. The seminars link goal 14 "Life below water" with the other 16 goals. This talk links goal 12 , 13, 14 and 16.