Omslag thin lines, rosa bild med datum och tid för utställningen

Thin Lines of Uneasiness

Culture and languages

In Thin Lines of Uneasiness the first year students at the Master’s programme in Fine Art at HDK-Valand are presenting their current research projects.

19 May 2023
20 May 2023
21 May 2023
16:00 - 20:00
12:00 - 16:00
12:00 - 16:00
Galleri Monitor and Rotor 2, Chalmersgatan 4 och Teatergatan 5

Alqumit Alhamad Jönsson. Maria Anchugova. Emma Bojsen. Ida Bomm. Ville Hulling. Theres K Agdler. Dominika Kemilä. Cori Rina Oancea. Raghad Resres. David Spraggs. Iza Štrumbelj Oblak. Josefin Tingvall. Catja Tonberg. Xiya Zhang.
Good to know
Opening at 16-20 May 19

Students from the first year of the masters programme in fine art welcome you to an exhibition. A multitude of topics range between the witnessing of bodily experiences, generational trauma, what remains after an industry leaves a place and experiences of communal dancing mysteries. These ongoing processes are in a state of tension around questions of publicness. We would be thrilled to see you there and share this work with you.