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Speed dating with scientists

Popular science

Come and have coffee with researchers who talk about their work and their research interests.

23 Apr 2023
15:00 - 16:30

The Science festival together with The university of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology

Have you ever wanted to date a scientist? Now is your chance! Come to the Science Festival and meet several exciting researchers.


Our researchers are excited to meet you and tell you about their research and its importance, while you have the opportunity to ask them questions. You will learn more about everything from phantom pains, quantum physics to plastic in the ocean and much in between.

To create a true speed dating experience, every 10 minutes we will rotate so you get to meet as many researchers as possible!

Participants from the University of Gothenburg
Per Elias Cornell: Världens första stater.
Kristina Alstam tillsammans med Annelie de Cabo Y Moreda: Gender and crime
Niklas Harring: Klimatstyrmedel på vår köttkonsumtion?
Jenny Klingberg: Behövs träd och grönska i städer?
Camilla Sarner: Utbildningsvägar i musikfältet - från barndom till högre studier

Participants from Chalmers University of Technology
Jieling Shao: Hydrogen energy vehicles' after-treatment catalysts
Ricardo Mesquita: Electrifying Discoveries with Muscle Sensors
Rahul Aggarwal: Life cycle assessment (LCA) with Chemical impacts
You Wayne Cheah: Renewable fuel production
Mohammad Obaid: Human-Robot Interaction and Human-Computer Interaction
Ann-Britt Schäfer: Characterization of the in vivo mechanisms of action of cell envelope-targeting antibiotics (How antibiotics affect bacteria)
Bengt EW Nilsson: String theory and quantum gravity
Amrita Hazarika: Building materials
Mustapha Gida Saleh: Nuclear fuel dissolution under deep geological repository conditions

Some of the participating researchers are English-speaking.

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