Seminar: Sociology's Classics

Society and economy

During this seminar Bo Isenberg and Lisa Eklund from Lund University will present their book about the classics in sociology, "Sociologins klassiker – upptäckter och återupptäckter". The seminar will be held in English.

5 Apr 2023
13:00 - 15:00
Room F417, Skanstorget 18, Gothenburg.

Speakers: Bo Isenberg and Lisa Eklund, Lund University
Chair: Håkan Thörn, Professor at the University of Gothenburg

About the seminar:
Lisa Eklund is Associate Professor of Sociology at Lund University. Her research is situated in the nexus between family sociology, social policy and population dynamics, with a special focus on sex ratio imbalances both at birth and among the childbearing population in China. She has written extensively about son preference, sex-selective abortion, mate selection, intimate relations, gender and intergenerational relations, and parenting strategies in China and beyond.

Bo Isenberg is Associate Professor of sociology at Lund University. Research interests include sociological theory, cultural sociology, social psychology. Recent publications include Sociologins klassiker. Upptäckter och återupptäckter (Lund, 2022, ed., together with Lisa Eklund) and "Über sociale Differenzierung. Sociologische und psychologische Untersuchungen”, in Bohr J., Hartung G., Koenig H., Steinbach TF. (eds.) Simmel-Handbuch. Leben – Werk – Wirkung (Stuttgart, 2021), pp157–166