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Musslor odlade på rep.
Mussels grown on ropes in Havhöst's blue community garden in Copenhagen.
Photo: Lars Hestbæk

Sea and Society Talk: Blue community gardens - experiences from Denmark

Sustainability and environment
Science and Information Technology

In Denmark, blue community gardens have grown explosively and now there are over 1,000 hobby sea farmers in the country. Joachim Hjerl, founder of the organization Havhöst, shares his experiences of starting a new popular movement that grows mussels, oysters and algae.

8 Apr 2021
12:05 - 13:00
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8 April 2021

Joachim Hjerl, founder, Havhöst
Maria Bodin, project manager, University of Gothenburg
Centre for Sea and Society
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It started at the hobby level 10 years ago. There are now 20 associations around the coasts of Denmark that grow their own food in the sea. How does it work? What permits are required? Which species are best suited to grow? Joachim Hjerl shares his lessons.

With the recent support of the Nordic Council of Ministers, blue community gardens are also on their way to Sweden. Pioneer Maria Bodin, project manager at the University of Gothenburg, talks about the work on Sweden's first blue community garden, which has been available at Tjärnö marine laboratory outside Strömstad since last autumn.

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