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Reproducibility and Quality in Medical Research - A webinar with Bright Nwaru

Health and medicine

Bright Nwaru will give an introduction to the landscape of reproducibility in scientific research.

9 Jun 2021
12:00 - 13:00

The picture shows the lecturer Bright Nwaru.
Bright Nwaru
Photo: Malin Arnesson

Over the last half century, many cases of misconduct have continuously been uncovered in science: several published papers have been retracted as a result of outright fraud, data manipulation, data theft, and other negative practices. The core tenets of the scientific research processes are not always upheld by many researchers. During the past decade, the field of reproducible research is gaining interest across scientific fields. Its overarching goal is to revive excellence in scientific research. In this talk, Bright Nwaru will introduce participants to the landscape of reproducibility in scientific research. He will highlight some tools and initiatives currently in place to implement reproducibility. Case studies will be used to clarify the issues being discussed.

Target group: PhD students at the Institute of Medicine, and other interested in the topic

Please register by sending an email to: A Zoom link will be sent to you in time for the seminar.

Organizer: The doctoral committee for the Institute of Medicine

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