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QoG lunch seminar with Davide Luca and Paola Proietti

Society and economy

The QoG institute regularly organizes seminars related to research on Quality of Government, broadly defined as trustworthy, reliable, impartial, uncorrupted and competent government institutions. On this week´s QoG lunch seminar, Davide Luca and Paola Proietti present their award-winning paper: "Hosting to skim. Organized crime and the reception of asylum seekers in Italy". This paper won the QoG institute´s Best Paper Award 2019.

9 Dec 2020
11:30 - 13:00
Digitally via zoom

Davide Luca, Research Associate, University of Cambridge and Paola Proietti, PhD student, School of Advanced Studies, Gran Sasso Science Institute
The Quality of Government Institute


"Hosting to skim. Organized crime and the reception of asylum seekers in Italy"


Political crises and conflicts are pushing millions of asylum seekers to move in search of international protection. This paper investigates the link between organized crime and Italy’s publicly-funded asylum seekers’ reception centers. We gather municipal data on the location of reception centers and mafia activities. We exploit exogenous variation at municipal level to instrument mafia intensity, and provide robust evidence of how the presence of mafia affects the likelihood of hosting a reception center. Statistical evidence and in–depth expert interviews suggest that organized crime is correlated to the use of less transparent procedures in the tenders for the set-up of such centres.