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PM Seminar: Institutions and Actors Shaping Technological Change

Society and economy

The overarching aim of the PhD is to investigate how the effects of technological change on employment relations are conditioned by actors and institutions, by studying digitalization processes and actor responses in retail, manufacturing and banking.

27 Jan 2021
13:15 - 15:00

Johan Røed Steen, PhD student (Presenter)
Bengt Larsson, Professor (Commentator)
Helena Håkansson, PhD student (Commentator)
Kristina Håkansson, Professor (Chair)
Good to know
Please contact Johan Røed Steen if you want to receive the text before the seminar.
The Department of Sociology and Work Science.

Welcome to the PM-Seminar "Institutions and actors shaping technological change: Digitalization and labour market outcomes in retail, manufacturing and banking".  The main empirical investigation will consist of comparative company case studies in Norway, Sweden, and the US, in which employer strategies and outcomes of digitalization in terms of employment, work organization and labour relations will be at the center of the investigation. The main research question is how employer strategies shape outcomes of technological change and how these strategies are conditioned by national and sector specific characteristics including labour market institutions, actors and their power resources.

Employing a comparative perspective, the study thus aims to further the understanding of how processes and outcomes of technological changes are filtered and affected by labour market actors and institutions. As part of a larger project on digitalization of working life, the thesis will also use meso- and macro-level data, including analyses of occupational change within and between sectors, to contextualize findings.