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PhD seminar in marine sciences

Science and Information Technology

PhD student Youk Greeve, Department of Marine Sciences and SWEMARC, gives his introductory PhD seminar on “The Importance of Suspension-feeding Bivalves in the Structure, Functions and Services of Coastal Ecosystems".

28 Jan 2021
10:30 - 12:30
Online via Zoom

Youk Greeve

Bivalves are common in coastal areas around the world, where they play important roles in the overall structure and functions of marine ecosystems. They are known to contribute to the regulation of water quality, drive nutrient cycles and promote biodiversity. This project seeks to answer questions on how much bivalves play a role in ecosystem processes at large geographical scales. To do this, we're exploring methods to link models of the distribution and abundance of bivalves along the Swedish west coast with information on the local effects of bivalves to assess their combined impact.

Contact to receive the Zoom link.

***Please remember to switch off microphones and videos when joining the seminar***