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PCC Arena webinar 3: The state of Person-centred Care: Unraveling the Evidence and Charting the Future

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Dive deep into a pivotal discussion stemming from a recent systematic review interpreting the evidence regarding the outcomes and cost-effectiveness of person-centred care for adults with serious physical illness. Join us to hear Professors Ewa Wikström, David Edvardsson and Richard Sawatzky critically reflect on the current evidence and future implications presented in the study.


Ewa Wikström, Professor in Health Governance, University of Gothenburg. Expert in governance, leadership, collaboration, teams, communication, projects and change management in health care as well as the public and private sectors.
David Edvardsson, Professor of Nursing, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia. Expert in person-centred care and development and testing of interventions.
Richard Sawatzky, Professor of Nursing and Canada Research Chair in Person-centred Outcomes at Trinty Western University in British Columbia, Canada. Expert in measuring person-centred care.
Annika Lindström, Autism Sweden, and member of the GPCC Person Council for Patients and Relatives/Carers.
Axel Wolf, Professor and Centre Director, GPCC.
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The systematic review which will be discussed is Nkhoma, K. B., Cook, A., Giusti, A., Farrant, L., Petrus, R., Petersen, I., ... & Harding, R. (2022). A systematic review of impact of person-centred interventions for serious physical illness in terms of outcomes and costs. BMJ open, 12(7), e054386.

PCC (Person-centred care) Arena webinars is a series of webinars hosted by The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred care GPCC. Previous webinars and other webinars and films can be accessed on GPCC's playlist on Sahlgrenska Academy's YouTube Channel.
The University of Gothenburg Centre for Person-centred Care GPCC

Professor Edvardsson will map out the implications for the development and practice of person-centred care; Professor Richard Sawatzky will address the evaluation of the interventions included in the review; and Professor Wikström will discuss the governance required to support the current healthcare transition towards integrated person-centred care.

Moderated by Professor Axel Wolf and a patient partner Annika Lindström, this seminar is a must-attend for those passionate about the next steps in healthcare transformation.

There will be 20-25min for Q&A's from the audience at the end.

This webinar is a taster of the the first Global Conference on Person-Centred Care: Knowledge(s) and Innovations for Health in Changing Societies, that will take place 14-16 May 2024 in Gothenburg, Sweden, More information available in the link above.