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Open Window 2020


Culture and languages

Welcome to Open Window - a platform to share what we do within design at HDK-Valand. Open Window is based in Gothenburg but also online. Starting Oct 19th 2020, it invites both local audiences and those from abroad to take part in a week-long program of activities that evolve around design graduation works.

19 Oct 2020 - 25 Oct 2020
Kyrkogatan 26, Göteborg
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To Open

Open Window is neither an exhibition nor a festival.
It is a simple gesture to open a window that gives view into projects and ongoing practices of research and learning in design.
Open Window is neither a physical nor a digital site.
It is a working and publishing platform that explores what the physical and what the digital can do. And how they can best support each other in our local yet global practices and exchange.
Open Window addresses neither everybody nor anybody.
It invites to activate projects and situations of learning with their specific audiences and enables others to participate from wherever they are.
Open Window is neither curated nor not curated.
It is a shared framework that unites parallel channels as different voices that speak for themselves.
Open Window is neither temporary nor permanent.
It shares the works as scheduled events and gives permanent insight to those that make it to the archive.
Open Window is neither finished nor unfinished.
It is a first prototype to rehearse a possible ongoing publishing culture at HDK and is open for more channels to join.