Projektet Mormor Karl

Open House at Mormor Karl's

Culture and languages

Focusing on pseudonymization and privacy protection of research data.

Open house
29 Nov 2023
09:00 - 17:00
Humanisten, sal J222 / or online via Zoom
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Good to know
The registration is free and open for researchers, students and companies, but in order to plan for coffees and lunches, we need to know whether you are planning to attend.
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Accessibility of research data is critical for advances in many research fields but textual data often cannot be shared due to the personal and sensitive information which it contains, e.g names, political opinions, sensitive personal information and medical data. General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR (EU Commission, 2016), suggests pseudonymization as a solution to secure open access to research data but we need to learn more about pseudonymization as an approach before adopting it for manipulation of research data (Volodina et al., 2023). The main challenge is how to effectively pseudonymize data so that such individuals cannot be identified but at the same time the data is still usable for the natural language processing tasks for which it was collected and for other types of research.

During the workshop day, a number of invited speakers from Scandinavia, Europe and US will present their research directly or indirectly concerned with data pseudonymization and privacy preservation; Mormor Karl researchers will showcase research problems they will be working with in the next five years, a panel discussion will involve panelists and audience in a timely discussion on pseudonymization and open access to research data. We also invite participants to have posters presenting their projects during coffee and lunch breaks (see the registration form for details).