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Illustration med våg. I texten står Ocean Blues - från ångest till action.
Photo: Ida Wendt

Ocean Blues - Biodiversity Loss

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Welcome to a lecture about the project “Ocean Blues: from anxiety to action” and biodiversity loss – why is biodiversity important to humankind and the health of the planet?

23 Oct 2020
11:30 - 12:30
Museum of World Culture

Grazzia Matamoros, Centre for Sea and Society
Allison Perrigo, Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre
Centrum för hav och samhälle och Göteborgs centrum för globala biodiversitetsstudier

Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth at the genetic, species and ecosystem levels, both on land and in the ocean. Organisms have been identified and described scientifically for centuries, yet there is still a large number of species that we don’t have names for, let alone know what they do. Why is the understanding of species important, anyway?

The words and terminology we use to describe the world around us affect how we look at sustainability and conservation. We cannot protect what we do not understand. Thus, these words and this understanding of species empowers our ability to conserve. Biodiversity and the ecosystem services it provides are key for humankind. Yet, we are having a huge impact on it.

In the ocean, change in sea use and overfishing are the main drivers leading to rapid loss of biodiversity, consequently threatening our own survival. But there is hope – lots of biodiversity is on the edge, but it isn’t gone yet! Action at different levels is already being taken by individuals and collectively all around the world, and we can already see positive effects from actions in the last decades.

Live stream

Watch the lecture liva at the Fecebook site Hållbarhetsfestivalen Västra Götaland

About Ocean Blues

Ocean Blues links high school students in West Sweden with researchers from the university. The goal of the project is to turn concerns about marine environmental problems into action.