Nordenskjöld Lecture: Systems Integration for Global Natural Climate Solutions


Nordenskjöld Lecture with Dr. Jianguo “Jack” Liu, Rachel Carson Chair in Sustainability, University Distinguished Professor and director of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability at the Michigan State University.

25 Apr 2022
15:00 - 16:00
Zoom - Meeting ID: 699 9655 9549 - Passcode: 781691


Global natural climate solutions include conservation, restoration and improved management actions that enhance carbon storage and/or avoid greenhouse gas emissions across the world. To make the solutions effective, the lecturer frames natural climate solutions as part of telecoupled human and natural systems, where humans and nature interact in local and distant systems. He will present findings from several studies on natural climate solutions using systems integration - holistic approaches that integrate various disciplines, ranging from natural and social sciences, policy, to technology, for understanding complex human-nature interactions. The lecturer will also discuss opportunities and future directions to transform and sustain global natural climate solutions.


A human-environment scientist and sustainability scholar, Jianguo "Jack" Liu holds the Rachel Carson Chair in Sustainability, is University Distinguished Professor and serves as director of the Center for Systems Integration and Sustainability at the Michigan State University. Dr. Liu is a world leader in the work of integrating ecology with other disciplines, such as the social sciences, policies and various technologies that can help us understand and promote global sustainability. For his outstanding achievements in the areas of research, social impact and environmental footprint, he was awarded the Gunnerus Sustainability Prize for 2021.

About Nordenskjöld Lecture

The Nordenskjöld Lecture is the high profile session of the Earth System Science seminar series at the University of Gothenburg, designed to bring the leading world researchers to share their thoughts and perspectives. The lecture honours the memory of Otto Nordenskjöld, the first August Röhss professor of Geography and Ethnography at our university, who organised and led the first Swedish Antarctic expedition 1901-1903.