A wall of passports

Make your own passport

Culture and languages
Society and economy

What if you suddenly become a citizen of another country, or even stateless? In this workshop your citizenship status depends on a lucky draw. Once your status is decided, facilitators will guide you to make your own ‘passport’. You can then simultaneously engage in conversations with other participants around global issues like citizenship, statelessness, migration and borders. The ‘passport’ you make in the workshop will be yours to bring home, as a reminder of these conversations.

20 Nov 2023
13:00 - 17:00

Facilitator: Catherine Gillo Nilsson, Educational Affairs
Artist and Researcher: Tintin Wulia, Academy of Arts and Design
Geovanna Bravomalo, Academy of Arts and Design
Özgün Dilek, Academy of Arts and Design
Good to know
Open to the general public, no registration needed. Drop in whenever it suits you!
Centre on Global Migration, Support Group network and Academy of Arts and Design