Lunch Seminar: Cosmopraxis – How a practice makes a world

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Welcome to our seminar with Bureau d’Études as part of the Business & Design Lab seminar series. The French artist/researcher duo is known for their large-format visualizations and cartographies of networks and systems. In this seminar, they will present some of their latest work on worldmaking in agricultural systems.

25 Nov 2022
11:30 - 13:00
Room 305, Kristinelundsgatan 6-8 + online

About the seminar: This research seminar questions the differences between realities induced by variances in modes of production. In agriculture, the soil, vegetables, animals, a cow or a cabbage, even when they are of the same variety or even from the same seed, do not have the same taste, depending on how they are produced. We will be able to taste, touch, and see, to experience this difference between modes of production, with vegetables and the worlds that are incorporated in them. We will build on the work carried out at the farm of La Mhotte, a commons-based multi-activity biodynamic farm in the French countryside, and will present a variety of methods of investigation and representation of findings (cartography, interview, exhibition) used within the context of a project with the Agricultural School of Aurillac.

About the presenters: Bureau d’Études is the French artist/researcher duo Léonore Bonaccini and Xavier Fourt. Over the last several years, they have produced cartographies of contemporary political, social, and economic systems, revealing what normally remains invisible and contextualizing apparently separate elements within the bigger picture. Their approach to visual analysis is based on extensive research and is usually presented in the form of large format murals. Bureau d’Études published An Atlas of Agendas: Mapping the Power, Mapping the Commons (Onomatopee, 2015), and their work has been featured in volumes such as Diagrams of Power: Visualizing, Mapping, and Performing Resistance (Onomatopee, 2019), Reset Modernity! (The MIT Press, 2016), and Making Things Public: Atmospheres of Democracy (The MIT Press, 2005).


Physical location: Room 305

Online location: Zoom (link to be sent after registration, zoom-room opens five minutes before the seminar)

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