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Local responses and the science-society relationship during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sustainability and environment
Health and medicine

This session shows the strengths of trans-sector research to meet societal challenges, with focus on responses to and media coverage of Covid-19 in Cape Town, Gothenburg and other cities.

24 Nov 2020
12:30 - 14:15
Registration deadline
20 November 2020

Registration is closed.

This session will integrate two collaborative and multi-disciplinary projects with the COVID-19 pandemic in focus but from different points of view. We will show the strengths of trans-sector research to meet societal challenges.

Initial responses to Covid-19 were mainly national. However, cities around the world soon added local adaptations like promotion of biking and safe public transport. A Mistra Urban Futures team followed the implementation of the SDGs in Cape Town, Gothenburg and other cities, also studying urban responses to COVID-19. In parallel, communication researchers, also from Cape Town and Gothenburg, followed COVID-19 media coverage using diaries to observe and reflect on the role and authority of science. Arguments and discussions about scientific expertise were followed, and patterns, shifts in narratives and international differences were observed. 

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