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Jörgen Westerståhl Lecture 2021

Society and economy

Welcome to the Jörgen Westerståhl Lecture with Kathryn Sikkink, Ryan Family Professor of Human Rights Policy at Harvard Kennedy School. The title of the lecture is "International Norms, Moral Psychology and Neuroscience".

15 Dec 2021
13:15 - 15:00
Registration deadline
10 December 2020

Good to know
The lecture will be hold in English online on Zoom. The zoom link will be distributed to registered participants the day before the lecture.

Registration: Are you interested to attend this lecture, please send an email to
The Department of Political Science.


Research on international norms has yet to answer satisfactorily some of our most important questions about the origins of norms  and the conditions under which some norms win out over others.  Drawing on material from her 2021 book co-authored with Richard Price, International Norms, Moral Psychology and Neuroscience (Cambridge University Press Elements Series), Sikkink will address the ways international relations (IR) theorists could engage more with research in moral psychology and neuroscience to advance theories of norm emergence and resonance, especially moral foundations theory and literatures on the dual processing brain.  IR literature on norms has focused more on rational argument and persuasion, but ignored the role of emotion and the intuitive part of dual-processing brain.  The author explains how this literature helps integrate and make sense of some arguments she and Price made in earlier work, and how this new IR research may also be of interest to moral psychologists and of use to advocacy communities.