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How the ghetto has been perceived in Danish public debates 1850-2018

Society and economy

Welcome to this seminar on the topic "What is in a concept? - How the ghetto has been perceived in Danish public debates 1850-2018." Guest speaker is Garbi Schmidt, Professor of Cultural Encounters.

27 Oct 2021
13:15 - 15:00

Garbi Schmidt, Professor of Cultural Encounters, Department of Communication and Arts, Roskilde University
Oksana Shmulyar Gréen, Associate Professor in Sociology, Dept of Sociology and Work Science
University of Gothenburg: Migration and Ethnicity Research (MERGU) and Centre for Global Migration (CMG)

Over the last two decades, the concept of “the ghetto” has been used excessively in Danish public debate over the migration and integration of non-Western immigrants. In this paper, Garbi Schmidt will historicizing this discussion via analysis of both newspaper articles and policy documents from the period 1850-2018.

Garbi Schmidt seek to answer the questions of whether and how the discussion is new, and how it builds on and differs from earlier discussions and conceptions of the ghetto. Included in this discussion will be a focus on how “the ghetto” from the 1980s onwards has been linked to Islam in Danish political and public discourses.