Guest Seminar: Roberta Guerrina

Society and economy

Roberta Guerrina (University of Bristol) will present research on "Feminist Power Europe?" at a guest seminar, co-organized with the Gender and Diplomacy Program, GenDip.

9 May 2022
14:15 - 15:45
Stora Skansen B336 and Zoom
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Good to know
This seminar will be held in English.
CERGU and GenDip

Feminist Power Europe? Between mythologisation and co-optation. 

Roberta Guerrina (University of Bristol); Toni Haastrup (University of Stirling); Katharine Wright, (University of Newcastle); Annick Masselot (University of Canterbury, Christchurch)


This paper explores the role and effectiveness of the EU as a gender actor in the field of external affairs. Looking at the emergence of the EU as a gender regime, with its distinctive institutional practices, structures, values and dynamics, it examines the implications of mainstreaming gender into external affairs for the EU’s role as a gender actor. This paper examines if and how the institutionalisation of the Women, Peace and Security agenda within the work of the European External Action Service marks the emergence of the EU as a Feminist Power. This paper critically assesses the complex relationship between Gender Mainstreaming, as a policy principle and strategy, and Feminist Foreign Policy. Specifically, it problematises the push for the EU to incorporate feminist narratives into its foreign policy work, unless it openly challenges the bounded hierarchies about us and other that permeate the very idea of Europe as a political and construct.

This seminar will be held in hybrid format, both streamed online via Zoom (see link above) and onsite in Room B336, Stora Skansen.