Graduation Exhibition Film: Bachelor Programme

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Graduating filmmakers at HDK-Valand´s Bachelor programme in film host and evening where they introduce their films, in collaboration with the Gothenburg Film Festival.

Watching movies
6 Feb 2022
12:00 - 17:00

The students from the master's program screen their film, and host debates, talks and Q&A’s. The event will be moderated by artist and lecturer Maja Daniels. This event will be Swedish spoken.Watch the live-streaming event on Vimeo.

The Saturday and Sunday programs are closed screenings. To access the live-streaming events during the weekend, please sign up by sending an email to All the films and talks will also be available to watch on-demand online, email Mirka Duijn if you want access to our online showcase. Due to restrictions the films will not be shown at Bio Valand as originally planned, but only online.

Please note: Earlier it was communicated that the venue from which the events are screened, Bio-Valand, would be open for public. Due to the current Covid restrictions this is not the case. The events will not be screened at Bio-Valand, but only streaming-online. The accompanying exhibition in HDK-Valand's gallery Monitor that was planned has unfortunately also been cancelled.

See more information on Make New Memories on Facebook.

Film screenings - programme Sunday February 6

Marta Dauliūtė, director and producent, will introduce all screenings this day and moderate the Q&A sessions.

  • 12.00 Introduktion of films:
  • 12.10  Inside the aquarium (19 min) – Lina Berger
  • 12.30 Dance my doll (15 min) – Jasmijn Kooijman
  • 12.45 Q & A
  • 13.00 Introduction of films:
  • 13.05 Reality check (14 min) – Simone Norberg
  • 13.20 Act of Love (15 min) – Joel Viksten Abrahamson
  • 13.35 Q & A
  • 15.00 Introduction of films:
  • 15.05 Unity of opposites (15 min) – Alfred Hedbratt
  • 15.20 Systema Naturae - or, a metaphoric masturbation on man’s magic on mastering (15 min) – Sally Jacobson
  • 15.45 Q & A
  • 16.00 End

More information about screenings with HDK-Valand's graduating film makers at Göteborg Film Festival, February 4-6