A composition student who is listening to chamber musicians.
Photo: Maja Kristin Nylander

Experimental Composition and Creation

Culture and languages

Experience a collective concert with master's students in composition who have created a unique site-specific work for the venue 3:e Våningen.

4 May 2023
19:00 - 22:00
75 sek.

Academy of Music and Drama

The field of experimental music and sound art is larger and more multifaceted than ever. The international master's programme in Experimental Composition and Creation at the Academy of Music and Drama educates creators and artists who want to work in an interdisciplinary environment with opportunities for personal and artistic development beyond the ordinary. These eleven students all have different artistic orientations such as sound art, immersive sound, game pieces, classical composition, opera, text & music and electronic music. During the spring, the students have created a unique site-specific work especially for the venue 3:e Våningen.


Arvid Kraft
Arvid Kraft is a composer who mostly deals with the interactions between text, voice and music. He also works with new music ensembles, dancers, performers and friends.

”I perform whatever my head wants to say and that should be something that could either be good or bad, I don’t know, but together we can maybe enjoy the experience together since it’s also a new experience for me to be speaking at 3:e Våningen though I don’t know really why that’s relevant but still it would be nice to talk about things that are things like ice cream or maybe about sex or maybe about the sun or the moon and everything in-between you will have to come and see.”

Gabriel Nils Edvinsson
Channeling the north and south pole with my hands
For this project, Gabriel has been working on the idea of the Earth's geographical and magnetic poles. He is determined to question reality and prove we can hear the poles without traveling.

Agnes Kofoed Christianson
Mastraman - For performative musicians
The piece is a music performance where new music and sounds interfere with influences of Arabic music and explores characters, choreography and visuals for classical musicians. An interdisciplinary collaboration together with the choreographer and dancer Carolina Eguiguren.

في الخيال يفضل دم الناس (Fil chayal yefdal dam e nas) - What stays in the imagination is the blood of the people

The performance is influenced by the Palestinian freedom fighter and actor, Zakareya Zubaidi, who together with five other Palestinian prisoners escaped the Israeli high-security Gilboa prison in 2021. They escaped by digging a tunnel with spoons.

Interpreted lyrics by

  • The returning war, 1935, by the Egyptian surrealist poet, George Henein
  • Poem from En natt i Otočac, 1961, by Swedish surrealist poet Gunnar Ekelöf
  • Dreams of Agnes Kofoed Christianson

Composed and directed by Agnes Kofoed Christianson
Choreography - Carolina Eguiguren
Soprano - Linnea Simon
Mezzo soprano - Julia Nylander & Elisabeth Leyser
Violin - Philip Bergström & Klara Basic
Contrabass - David Levy & Jakob Utter

Daniel Quigley
Writer’s Block (2023)
Writer’s Block is an interactive typewriter installation piece which explores musical process in a non-sonic medium. By repeatedly transcribing the same text, including previous errors, the performer creates a visual representation of the process-in-time, which is an essential part of the musical experience.

The Music From The Balconies Nearby Was Overlaid By The Noise Of Sporadic Acts Of Violence (2021)
This piece takes its name from a painting by Edward Ruscha which was on display in the Tate Modern gallery in London in September 2020. The text in this painting reflects the interaction of the piano and electronics, with the piano’s ethereal chordal material clashing against the seemingly chaotic distortions of the electronics.

Daniel is an Irish composer born in 1999 who specializes in acoustic music, with experience in classical, jazz, choral, and Irish folk music. He studied music in Cambridge from 2018–2021, focusing on composition, before moving to Sweden in 2022 to continue his knowledge and understanding of professional contemporary composition.

Gusten Aldenklint
PEAMO - En pentatonisk, elektroakustisk, mikrotonal orkester

Electronics and composition - Gusten Aldenklint
Flute - Liv Friden
Cello - Manuela Ferrao
Visual projection - Björn Eriksson

Ayane Furuki
Game of incense II - for Pipa and Objects -
“In Japan, a traditional art form is called "Kodo(香道)". Kodo is the art of burning fragrant wood and enjoying its fragrance. In Kodo, a way to enjoy scent is according to specific rules called "Kumiko(組香)". One of them is called "Genjiko(源氏香)", which uses the "Tale of Genji(源氏物語)". I was inspired by GenjiKo and created this work.

After smelling the five packets of incense, the game participants draw five vertical lines on a piece of paper and connect the tops of the lines of what they believe to be the same fragrance with a horizontal line. Finally, the game is played by comparing the names of the 52 patterns of fragrance names generated by the combination of these lines with the "Genji Kouzu(源氏香図),” a diagram adopted from the names of the volumes of "The Tale of Genji".

I write this game in a graphic score and perform it improvisationally as if I were playing Genjiko.”

Pipa - Fan-Qi Wu
Objects - Ayane Furuki

Louisa Palmi and Toby Kassell
Toby and Louisa experiment with the presence of movement and sound as a performative, improvised interplay that searches for symbiosis between the art forms in a live performance setting.

They will perform an improvisation where the dance and the music meet on equal starting points, stillness and silence. From there they will explore how to create sounding material from the movements of the dance and how the interplay between these two art forms can work together in a balanced hierarchy.

Electronics - Louisa Palmi
Dance - Toby Kassell


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