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Emma Björner
Photo: Hillevi Nagel

Developing sustainable relations in the Swedish tourism industry

Society and economy

Emma Björner from GRI will present her interview study with stakeholders of Visit Sweden at a lunch seminar at CFT. "Along with DMO’s changing role, from an emphasis on marketing towards more focus on management, DMO’s increasingly need to collaborate with various stakeholders. As a state-owned DMO, Visit Sweden is required to engage in stakeholder dialogue, and do so as part of their work with sustainable relations, sustainability reporting and corporate communications. In a recent study, I interviewed 23 of Visit Sweden’s most important stakeholders, asking questions about the relationship, expectations, trust, perceptiveness, proactivity, etc. At the CFT lunch seminar on Sep 30 I will present key findings from this study. I am also interested in exploring possible theoretical strands in order to develop this study into a research article, and would be delighted to get your insights on this and discuss it further with you."

30 Sep 2020
12:00 - 13:00
Digital seminar

Good to know
This seminar is not for the general public.
Centrum för Turism, CFT