A fictional cartoon character stands with an umbrella and looks out over a rainy Gothenburg.
Photo: Beskuren illustration av Leonard Wing

Creatures of Gothenburg

Culture and languages

The exhibition Creatures of Gothenburg consists of cartoonist Leonard Wing's images from his web series of the same name. You will find the exhibition in the corridor/glass corridor between the Humanities Library and Humanisten.

7 Nov 2023 - 29 Nov 2023
Humanities Library, Renströmsgatan 4, Gothenburg

Creatures of Gothenburg is a web series written and illustrated by Leonard Wing. The series is set in a parallel world where most things are the same, except for the fact that there are no humans. Instead, Gothenburg is filled with all sorts of strange creatures  from gnomes, trolls and leprechauns to centaurs, hydras and frog people.

There are bohemian fauns, melancholy robots and nymphs playing jazz metal. Seagulls fly around the rusty harbor cranes and behind the green copper roofs walks the lonely giant Glenn, who has lived here since ancient times.

About the author

Leonard Wing is a writer and artist from Gothenburg, Sweden. He has always been inspired by the grey skies and rainy cobblestone streets of his hometown.