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Bilden är ett drönarfoto taget från Monte Polizzos bergskam och blickar mot västkusten.
Drönarfoto taget från Monte Polizzos bergskam och blickar mot västkusten. Bilden visar också tydligt hur man under en planteringskampanj på 1960-talet planterade träd på halva berget till vänster för att förhindra ytterligare erosion.

Cecilia Sandström: Encountering Environments. Natural conditions for subsistence and trade at Monte Polizzo, Sicily, 650-550 BC.

Culture and languages
Society and economy

The overall aim of this thesis is to deepen our knowledge about indigenous western Sicilians commonly called the Elymians and, ultimately, to recognise them as independent actors in Sicilian history. A vital part of this endeavour is to assess the Elymian role in regional trade and to evaluate the subsistence challenges they faced. Monte Polizzo, inhabited for just 75 years (625-550 BC), has been considered suitable as a model for discussing these topics. Situated in western Sicily it was strategically situated with an excellent vantage point between the Phoenician settlement of Motya, the Greek settlement of Selinus, and the indigenous settlement of Segesta.

24 Sep 2021
13:00 - 16:00
Sal J222, Humanisten, Renströmsgatan 6

Good to know
You can follow the dissertation online, zoom. But also at The Faculty of Humanities, room J222, in Gothenburg.
Institutionen för historiska studier

Examining committee:

Professor Peter Attema, University of Groningen
Docent Serena Sabatini, Göteborgs universitet
Docent Erika Weiberg, Uppsala universitet

Substitute in case of hindrance for a member of the grading committee is : 

Professor em. Barbro Santillo Frizell


Professor Erich Kistler, Universität Innsbruck

Chair person:

Docent Ingela Wiman, Göteborgs universitet

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Contact: cecilia.sandströ