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15th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress (NPC15)

Science and Information Technology

15th Nordic Photosynthesis Congress (NPC15)

5 Oct 2021 - 8 Oct 2021

Capturing light to power the planet

You are cordially invited to attend the NPC15 at the Conference Center Wallenberg, Gothenburg in Sweden.
The congress will highlight the latest discoveries in photosynthesis and related fields along with a view to the future of how to sustain the expanding life on our planet.
Alongside presentations of biological results, there will be methodological advances, and students and postdocs are encouraged to apply for talks.
The meeting specifically welcomes all international photosynthesis researchers this time as the 2nd European Photosynthesis meeting as well as the International Photosynthesis Congress are shifted due to the pandemic situation.

1. Metabolic engineering of carbon fixation
2. Structure and function of photosynthetic complexes
3. Novel methods to study photosynthesis
4. Regulation of photosynthesis
5. Artificial photosynthesis and hybrid systems