Art work with people with different ethnicity and cultural expressions
Street art from Lima
Photo: Miles Peacock Unsplash

Eutopia Diversity and Inclusion Week 2022

Inclusion is one of the key principles of the EUTOPIA alliance. During the course of three years a lot of work has been done to spread knowledge in the field but also making the universities in the alliance more inclusive. To celebrate this an Inclusion and Diversity Week will take place November 14th - 18th, across the campuses of the alliance. On this page you find all events organized by the University of Gothenburg.

Monday 14 November

Hear Cecilia Järdemar from Konstfack present artistic research that unfolds Swedish colonial history. And what an homework help project in exposed areas can lead to.

Tuesday 15 November

Participate in a workshop with students and staff on problems with schools, segregation, and higher education. Or join an interactive seminar about teacher participation in research.

Wednesday 16 November

Learn about biodiversity and its importance for humanity. Or join an interactive session on how methodology can empower early career scientists.

Thursday 17 November

Help identify systematic barriers that maintain inequality in education at a student-led workshop. Attend seminar exploring different understandings of “diversity” and immigrants’ workplace integration.

Evening activity: International Potluck

For students and staff. Register today and bring a dish to the event!

Friday 18 November

The final event of Eutopia Diversity and Inclusion Week starts of with a workshop about the accessibility of Cultural Schools and a demand of new educators. After the workshop the weeks events and discussions are summed up by the project leaders.