University of Gothenburg


Laboratory for Analyses of Classroom Interaction and Teaching Processes. PoP-LAKU is a social science laboratory for the analysis of video data. A long-term project is underway here to build up a database with recorded lessons from 1968 onwards.

About the project

In education as a discipline, teaching is a basic field of study and research on teaching processes and classroom interaction is of vital concern for development of knowledge in education. A lab using video- and audio-recordings of teaching was originally constructed in the 1980s and further developed in the 1990s. The Lab is organized by the POP group, and studies carried out by POP researchers are vital, e.g. a three year longitudinal micro-ethnographic study of school-classes, and the ongoing project Swedish School Culture in Comparative Perspective, the Swedish part of the Learner's Perspective Study - a fifteen-country study using video and audio recordings. Together with other researchers we have access to more than 800 lessons of audio-recordings and more than 600 lessons of video-recordings and additional data in Swedish schools from 1968-2003. In order to become a more accessible resource for other researchers, a number of issues have to be further developed, like data digitalization as well as research ethics and principles for international research cooperation.