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University of Gothenburg

CRITPEN-members and research interest

Presentations and contact information.

Mattias Nylund, Associate Professor, Department of Education and Special Education, Gothenburg University.

Research interest: My main research interest is in curriculum theory and sociology of education, with particular focus on how education (policy and practice) reflects and affects power relations such as class and gender. I have focused much on Vocational education in my studies. I have a particular interest in the theoretical tradition that has its origin in the work of the educational sociologist Basil Bernstein.


Nylund, M., Ledman, K., Rosvall, P.Å. & Rönnlund, M. (2020). Socialisation and citizenship preparation in vocational education: Pedagogic codes and democratic rights in VET-subjects. British journal of Sociology of Education. 41(1), 1-17.

Nylund, M., Rosvall, P-Å. & Ledman, K. (2017). The vocational–academic divide in neoliberal upper secondary curricula: the Swedish case. Journal of Education Policy. 32(6), 788-808. DOI: 10.1080/02680939.2017.1318455