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University of Gothenburg

CRITPEN Projects

On going projects by members of the CRITPEN research network.

Critical education in vocational subjects? Civic knowledge in vocational programmes, policy documents and classroom practice.

Swedish research council (2016-2019). Main applicant: Per-Åke Rosvall, Umeå University.

This project aims to develop an understanding of how education towards critical thinking is made available for the vocational students in the work oriented courses of VET. The main interest concerns the possible and actual role of educational content in enabling students to an understanding of their own position in larger structures; teaching in processes of influence (argumentation, participation in associations and unions) and education towards identity development in those subjects. The methodology rests on policy ethnography in order to generate knowledge concerning (i) the extent and nature of the learning processes that can be characterized as civic education in VET programmes (ii) what actors are involved in these activities (students, teachers, school, workplace training etcetera) (iii) how young people acquire and value the civic educative processes, and (iv) to what extent and why (i) and (iii) vary between program and school context. The projects acknowledges variables as social background, gender and knowledge traditions through the sample and choice of theory.

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