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University of Gothenburg
Mur med ordet youth i grafitti
Photo: Bill Benzon/CC BY-SA 2.0

Childhood, youth, culture and learning

Childhood, Youth, Culture and Learning (CYCL) is an interdisciplinary colloquium which combines insights from many fields: Pedagogy, child and youth studies, social work, sociology, gender studies, cultural studies and social psychology.

About the colloquium

Today’s society is characterized by extensive structural and cultural changes, which also make a mark on institutions and everyday life. This concerns in part global changes, and in part local expressions that structural changes have upon people’s everyday lives and education. In relation to these changes, children’s and adolescents’ learning and meaning making processes are examined. Other purposes include highlighting important issues such as inclusion and exclusion in society. Thus CYCL focuses on processes related to power, meaning making and knowledge construction, in everyday life and in institutional contexts.