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University of Gothenburg

Team and network

Contact information and network.



Dr Johan Hogmalm

Group coordinator

Expert in economic geology

Dr Thomas Zack


Project lead: Geochemical innovations

Expert in geochemistry, mineralogy and geochemical analysis 

Dr Mikael Tillberg

Project lead: Mobile Labs

Expert in ore-microscopy and geochronology of hydrothermal systems

Lic Axel Sjöqvist

Project lead: Deep geothermal exploration

CEO Axray Scientific

Expert in economic geology (REE deposits) as well as mineralogical/geochemical sample characterization  

Dr. Martin Persson

Project lead: Drone geophysics

Expert in applied geophysics and engineering geology

Emily Whitehurst Zack MSc

Project lead: Advanced sample preparation

Expert in mineralogy and petrology

Jakob Isaksson B.Sc

Project lead: Thermal energy storage

Expert in indicator minerals, drilling and construction

Emma Sjöberg 

Communications officer 

Conny Nilsson

Financial advisor 


Göteborg Energi, Lovisagruvan, Leapfrog, Oreexplore, Geolabs, Gravity mining, Norconsult, Hydrogeology group (GU), Micro-geochemistry group (GU), Ice group (GU), Chalmers Rock Processing Research group