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University of Gothenburg
Collage, photos of the people signering the agreement for "Kulturarvsakademin", the Herigate Academy.
Signing the agreement for "Kulturarvsakademin", the Herigate Academy.
Photo: Jenny Högström Berntson

Heritage Academy Organisation

Heritage Academy will support the development of knowledge in cultural institutions and museums. This in turn generates new research questions and new educational opportunities. The Academy thus becomes an important part of the fulfillment of the university's Third Mission. On the horizon we see joint research- and development projects with regional, national and international focus.

Steering Committee 2019-04-01 - 2022-03-31


  • Västarvet (contact person: Marianne Dahlquist )
  • Museum of World Culture (contact person: Karl Magnusson)
  • Göteborgs stad, Kulturförvaltningen (contact person: Carina Sjöholm, Göteborg City Museum)
  • Bohusläns museum (contact person: Hans Kindgren)
  • Riksarkivet, Landsarkivet i Göteborg (contact person: Ulf Andersson)
  • Museinätverk Väst genom Borås museum (contact person Ulrika Kullenberg)
  • CCHS: Leadership (contact person: Kristian Kristiansen/Ola Wetterberg)
  • CCHS: Embracing the Archive (contact person Cecilia Lindhé)
  • CCHS: Heritage and Wellbeing (contact person: Niclas Hagen)
  • CCHS: Curating the City (contact person: Henric Benesch)
  • CCHS: Making Global Heritage Futures (contact person: Håkan Karlsson)