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University of Gothenburg
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Inside the Box

Podcast and conversation series Inside the Box: Things and people in a globalized world. What's hiding in the box? How can it teach us something about our world? In September 2019 the new live podcast was launched by the Museum of World Culture and Centre for Critical Heritage Studies in collaboration with Folkuniversitetet. The series focus current discourses and research on heritage.

Location: Museum of World Culture, Södravägen 54, Gothenburg
Free entrance, limited number of seats. No pre-registration.


Inside the Box is produced by Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS), the Museum of World Culture and Folkuniversitetet.

Recording of the podcast Inside the Box
The podcast is now being recorded without audience due to Covid-19 restictions. The photo is from the recording of "Hiking, Japanese forest baths and forest walks on prescription".
Photo: Rebecka Bergström Bukovinszky