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University of Gothenburg

Prices for other services at the CCI

At the Centre for Cellular Imaging we offer several types of service related to the use of our microscopes.

Image processing and analysis

The image analysis and processing service, which involves macro/plugin writing, is charged by the hour and always starts with an initial 10 hour project.

Academia: 450SEK/h
Industry: 900 SEK/h

Processing/analysis of images acquired at CCI
Academia: 25 SEK/h
Industry: 25 SEK/h

Processing/analysis of images acquired elsewere
Academia: 90 SEK/h
Industry: 200 SEK/h


The design and fabrication is charged by the hour:

Academia: 550 SEK/h
Industry: 1100 SEK/h

A chemically resistant material
Academia: 7 SEK/m
Industry: 14 SEK/m

Academia: 7 SEK/m
Industry: 14 SEK/m

Tough PLA
Academia: 5 SEK/m
Industry: 10 SEK/m

Academia: 6 SEK/m
Industry: 12 SEK/m

A water soluble material
Academia: 10 SEK/m
Industry: 20 SEK/m

TPU 95
A semi-flexible, durable, and chemical resistant material
Academia: 7 SEK/m
Industry: 14 SEK/m

On request, other materials can be supplied


Academia: 100 SEK/h
Industry: 200 SEK/h

To get access to the Leica CM1950 cryostat the user has to get a short introduction to the main functions of the cryostat and the specific rules for using it. Ths introduction is generally done when a user wishes to do his/her first sectioning.

Academia: 275 SEK/h
Industry: 550 SEK/h