University of Gothenburg

PhD Course: Unix applied to genomic data

The course covers the basics in Unix and how to work in the command line to aid in the analysis of large amounts of data and automate such tasks. The course includes a combination of lectures and practical exercises focused on handling genomic data. No prior knowledge is required.

Hours (HP): 54 (2,0)
Code (s): SC00036
Weeks (s): 16-20 (21-23 project work)

The following topics covered are:

  • The shell
  • File system and permissions
  • Text editors
  • Handling files
  • Regular expressions
  • Piping
  • For loops
  • File compression
  • Program installation
  • Bash scripting


The course comprises 54 working hours, and you are expected to spend time on your own to complete the exercises (self-studies).

Participants are required to bring their own computer with the corresponding administrator rights

This course is a pre-requisite to take Analysis of Next Generation Sequencing Data course.