University of Gothenburg

PhD course: Python for biologists

The course includes a combination of lectures and practical sessions to introduce Python as a tool for handling large datasets. No prior Python knowledge is required; however Unix experience is highly recommended.

Hours (HP) 60 (2,5)
Code (s) SC00039
Week (s) 36-41 (42)


The following topic are covered:

  • Variables
  • Data types such as dictionaries, lists, sets
  • In-built  functions
  • Control flow tools such as if, for and pass
  • Statements and Comments
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Own functions
  • Input and output



The course comprises 60 working hours where you are expected to spend time of your own to complete the exercises (self-studies)

Participants are required to bring their own computer with the corresponding administrator rights.

If you are a linux beginner or have not worked in this environment we recommend you to first take the Unix applied to genomic data course.

This course is organized by Clinical Genomics Gothenburg.