University of Gothenburg

PhD Course: Bioinformatics I

The course includes a combination of lectures and practical sessions that introduce the analysis of genomic and proteomic data using bioinformatics tools and public databases (such as NCBI, UCSC and ENSEMBL). It covers DNA sequence alignment, protein expression analysis and pathway analyses.

 Hours (HP):  54 (2,0)
 Code (s):  SC00037
Week (s):  Weeks 5-10

The following topics covered are:

  • Use of molecular biological databases available from NCBI, UCSC and ENSEMBL.
  • Work on web-based platforms for data-intensive biomedical research.
  • Sequence analysis methods in theory and practice, to understand the function, structure and evolution of sequence data.
  • Analysis of protein expression, in order to identify differences between different groups.
  • Downstream analysis such as pathway analysis, clustering and gene ontology to analyze how changes in protein expression can affect biological processes in the cell.


The course comprises 54 working hours where you are expected to spend time of your own to complete the exercises (self-studies).

Participants are required to bring their own computer with the corresponding administrator rights.

This course is a pre-requisite to take Bioinformatics II course.

If you want to learn how to generate the results from this course, we recommend you to take the Analysis of next generation sequencing data course.