University of Gothenburg


DEVELOPMENT OF EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY: a transdisciplinary characterization of, and new methodology for, a multiply disadvantaged and vulnerable patient group.

Forensic psychiatry is a mental healthcare discipline for assessing and treating mentally disordered offenders - a small but vulnerable patient group with high needs in terms of healthcare and societal interventions. These patients constitute a small group in society, however, the suffering of individual patients, their relatives and victims, as well as the societal costs generated by this group, far exceeds their numbers. Recently, national reviews have deeply criticized Swedish forensic psychiatry for lack of insight and evidence-based practice. There is a pronounced lack of knowledge on dynamic characteristics that could constitute important areas for intervention, on preconditions for and implications of user involvement, as well as on feasible and effective treatment interventions. Providing an evidence-based forensic psychiatry would benefit not only the patients and others directly involved, but also society in general.