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University of Gothenburg
teachers talk with pupils over laptops
Teacher Anette Meyer talking with students at Vallhamraskolan outside Gothenburg.

Learning, Communication and IT

The division is multidisciplinary and consists of researchers from pedagogy, computer science, linguistics, informatics, and applied IT, jointly exploring the possibilities and consequences of IT in education, learning and knowing.

The division works with questions concerning how IT changes the conditions for and creates opportunities for learning and communication in different contexts such as school, work life and leisure.

Our research includes a broad range of research objects, theoretical perspectives and methods. We conduct a variety of design research and analytical studies of empirical conditions. The division aims for excellence in research and education within the field of Learning, Communication and IT. We are part of the strong research environment for Learning and IT at University of Gothenburg and are working closely with LINA's research community at the University West. The division is part of both national and international networks.

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