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Ulla Berglindh

About Ulla Berglindh

Research interests Ongoing dissertation work in literature about the works of Arne Sand—an oeuvre biography of an author about how life and the fruits of reading become texts—construction and building blocks in a consistent and deliberate literary career. The work comprises Arne Sand’s novels Förföljaren, Erövraren, Ljugarstriden, Drömboken, Trollkarlens lärling, Väderkvarnarna, and Enhörningarna and their preliminary drafts and manuscipt variants, as well as the unpublished texts Hoffmans död and Domens natt. I follow motifs and themes through this brief career, how they emerge, are transformed and changed, shrink and expand, how they relate to Arne Sand’s own texts and statements about the theory of the novel (Författare tar ståndpunkt, Vandringar på kartan, Ljugarstridens baksida, Den gestaltande romanens dilemma) and the texts that address the same problem complex in fictional form.

My focus is on the writing process—the writer at work. To bring to light the intertextual—and intratextual—relationships and the dynamics of motifs and themes, I make use of Ragnar Josephson’s terminology in Konstverkets födelse: förvandlad förebild/utbrytning/utfyllnad/omflyttning/korsning/ sammanhållning. I also use various aspects of the theory of the novel and oeuvre biography.

Teaching interests text production, rhetoric, semiotics, international Swedish, literary theory, teacher education in an international perspective, intercultural education, media didactics.

Keywords oeuvre biography, text production, writer-at-work, themes and motifs, intertextuality, creation of gestalts