Ulla-Carin Hedin

Professor Emerita

Department of Social
Visiting address
Sprängkullsgatan 25
41123 Göteborg
Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Ulla-Carin Hedin

Areas of research Hedin passed her PhD in Social Work in 1994. The thesis was about ”Social support at the workplace in the event of illness”. This research is dealing with different types of social support in informal and formal relationships and social networks.

Hedin has also explored exit processes from different destructive life situations, such as prostitution, drug addiction and/or a criminal life style. These studies deal with major life changes, caused by exit processes in connection to treatment but also due to self-help and empowerment.

Current Research projects Just now Hedin is exploring ”Governance, leadership and development of work integrating social enterprises in Sweden”. A team of four researchers undertakes this study. Except Hedin also Laurelii, Herlitz and Kuosmanen are working in the project.

The project is supported by FAS (the Council for Working Life and Social Research). The aim of the study is to investigate different forms of leadership and governance in social enterprises.

The researchers have now finnished the data collection from case studies and questionaire, analyzing all the material. The results will be published in a report and some articles in the beginning of the autumn 2012.

Completed Research projects Hedin has recently been studying whistle-blowing processes in public organizations together with two colleagues Sven Axel Månsson and Ronny Tikkanen. The results have been presented in a book ”När man måste säga ifrån” published by Natur o. Kultur 2008 and in several articles, ie. In European Journal of Social Work 2011.

Lectures and other tasks Hedin is giving lectures on basic, advanced and master level in Social Work. Usually these lectures are connected to her research areas, dealing with social support, exit processes from drug addiction and empowerment or whistle blowing processes in public organizations.

She is also giving lectures outside the university in other kinds of gatherings.

She is supervisor for two doctoral students and member of the national network for service users involvement in social work education.