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Tormod Otter Johansen


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Vasagatan 1
41124 Göteborg
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Box 650
40530 Göteborg

About Tormod Otter Johansen

My research interests are in public law, especially the relationship between constitutional issues and administrative issues. I also have a legal theoretical interest, both in the public law field and in general legal philosophy. I have published in these fields, and also in the field of procedural law.

Together with three other scholars in law and theology in Gothenburg and Lund I am currently working in an interdisciplinary project – "End of law", for the period 2020-2024. The group is led by Mårten Björk, Lund University. (5 960 000 SEK from the Swedish Research Council, VR.)

Together with four other scholars in public and international law I am working in a project on legal competencies in civil and military defence "Rättsliga förutsättningar för samhällsskydd och beredskap" for the period 2020-2025. The group is led by Per Cramér, University of Gothenburg. (9,9 million SEK from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB.)

I teach constitutional law and administrative law at the law programme in Gothenburg, and at other departments at the university. I am course director for Administrative Law HRS265 (advanced level, 15 credits).

Master of Philosophy 2013, Södertörn University
Master of Laws 2013, University of Gothenburg
Doctor of Public law 2019, University of Gothenburg

I am happy to engage as a doctoral supervisor in the fields of public law as well as legal theory. Please contact me via email.

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Research areas

  • Public Law
  • Constitutional Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Legal Philosophy

Teaching areas

  • Public Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Constitutional Law

Selected publications

"Minor law: Notes towards a revolutionary jurisprudence"
in States of exception : law, history, theory / edited by Cosmin Cercel, Gian Giacomo Fusco and Simon Lavis., 73-9, 2020

"Diskriminering när barn placeras i familjehem"
Nordisk socialrättslig tidskrift, 97-130, 2020

Förvaltning som verksamhet – bidrag till offentligrättens allmänna läror
doctoral thesis, 2020

Mot ett funktionellt domstolsbegrepp – Ett bidrag med anledning av den så kallade Försvarsunderrättelsedomstolen (del I av II)
Johansen, Tormod Otter, Wejedal, Sebastian
Svensk Juristtidning, 101:2, s. 100-142, 2016