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Thomas Lingefjärd

About Thomas Lingefjärd

Research interests Research field 1: Mathematical modelling—how do students actually understand mathematical modelling when they use technological aids in the modelling process and how do future teachers interpret geometric constructions via computer support, so-called dynamic geometry? Research field 2: Advanced mathematical thinking—when does it occur? How is it defined? Is it possible to note a transition from arithmetic thinking to mathematical thinking among university students? How can such a process be initiated?

Teaching interests I prefer teach and supervise about different variants tied to my research interests as described above. Keywords advanced mathematical thinking in a sociocultural perspective, heuristic perspectives on problem-solving, cognitive processes related to generalization, authority, and didactic contracts, various conceptual models

Links Svensk Förening för Matematikdidaktisk Forskning The International Community of Teachers of Mathematical Modelling and Applications The DQME II Project