Thomas Jordan

Senior Lecturer

Department of Sociology and Work
+46 31-786 55 07
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Skanstorget 18
41122 Göteborg
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Postal address
Box 720
40530 Göteborg

About Thomas Jordan


Thomas Jordan holds a PhD in Economic Geography, is Associate Professor in Human Geography and since 2011 Senior Lecturer in work science. I finished my PhD in 1992 at the Gothenburg University with a dissertation on international specialization in the manufacturing industry, with a case study of the Swedish pump industry. In the period 1985-2000 I taught mainly economic geography and international relations. I participated in the establishment of the courses in conflict resolution at Gothenburg University from 1993 onwards. Since 2000, I have completely changed direction and my research has centered on workplace conflicts, robust collaboration cultures in organizations, meaning-making in social issues, change agency and deliberative methods for complex issues. I have been project leader for 15 externally funded research projects during the period 1993-2019. Since 2005, I am working half-time outside the university as trainer, coach and consultant expert, alongside teaching and research at the Department of Sociology and Work Science at the Gothenburg University. I have led over 300 one-, two- and three-day workshops for various types of clients, mainly on management of workplace conflicts, robust collaboration cultures and adult development in the workplace. I have an English language website with some English language publications and other texts, but it has not been updated recently:


In recent years, research has taken up 20-25% of my working time. I have carried out research on variations in awareness profiles in workplace conflicts, meaning-making in Swedish defense policies, societal entrerpreneurship, organizational consultants' program theories in workplace conflict interventions and workplace bullying investigation.

In my latest research project, concluded 2019, I and two colleagues studied program theories in six programs using dialogue approaches to support integration of immigrants in Sweden.

Teaching and supervision

My present university teaching is primarily in the fields of conflict, conflict management and conflict prevention. I supervise student theses related to the theme of conflict in the workplace and in preschools.