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Svante Karlsson

About Svante Karlsson

B.Sc. in Economics and Sociology in 1974. Ph. D. in Sociology 1983. Was member of a group that established Peace and Conflict Research (later renamed Peace and Development Research) at University of Gothenburg in the early 1970s. I was also a member of steering groups during the 1990s that established the European Peace University, Stadtschlaining, Austria, as well as International Studies in Peace, Conflicts and Development at the Universitat Jaume I, Castellon, Spain. I have also been a visiting scholar at Stanford University and guest researcher at University of Hawaii, USA. For many years I was Head of the department, vice head of the department, director of undergraduate studies and director of Postgraduate Studies. Has also been member of the Faculty of Social Science.

Area of interestsMy main research has focused on U.S. foreign policy in general, and specifically its international oil politics, politics in Latin America and the Middle East. In addition, I have been doing research in terms of conflict and security. 

Current researchI have just completed a major research project on U.S. foreign policy in a historical perspective. I have looked into how different administration since Theodore Roosevelt have motivated and justified their official policy and if the actual pursued policy has diverged from the official. 

Teaching and tutoringDuring the last 35 years, I have taught courses on war, peace and security and during the last decade in a course on U.S. foreign policy. I have also supervised quite many doctoral students.